A Lower Ab Workout Will Sculpt and Tighten Your Belly

Lower ab workoutOf all the ways of looking fit and healthy, the stomach area can often be the biggest giveaway. Even if everywhere else on your body is looking great, a flabby stomach can often give away the tell-tale signs of an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is why so many people are keen to develop a flat stomach, and one of the most important aspects of this has to be the lower abs.

The lower abs are definitely among the hardest parts of the body to target and tone, but there is no shortage of lower ab routines that can help tighten this area, including:

  • A number of lower ab workout routines involve raising the legs from standing position (as with karate kicks) or while laying on the floor (as with lower leg raises). This is a great way to tighten up the lower stomach muscles, but it is important to perform these exercises properly or injuries may occur. Hip and back pain are common results from doing this sort of routine so be sure to warm up properly and ensure you are doing the exercises properly.
  • The bicycle crunch is a great choice of lower ab workout and it is suitable for men and women. Each person can choose a number of reps and sets that challenge them fully but it is important to ensure that you are working as hard as possible. If people are unwilling to work to their maximum limit, there is no real benefit of working out.
  • V sit ups are also a great example of working out the lower ab area and again, these are simple routines as long as they are carried out properly. To do a V sit up, while lying on the floor, flex at the hips and simultaneously curl the abs, lifting the torso and legs off the floor. Hands should be brought to meet the feet, ensuring they are both kept straight before returning to the starting point after a pause at the midpoint.
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